Painters and Decorators Dublin Benefiting From the Recession

Painters and decorators are one of the few traders who are benefiting from the recession. With the slow down in home buying and the drop in house prices many can’t afford to move home. Rather than riding things out it seems people are opting to make home improvements, from general painting and decorating or a home extension, professional decorators are thriving from the extra demand. When weighing up the costs of moving against staying put and making some home improvements, there’s an easy winner. The cost of having your whole house re decorated sometimes wouldn’t even come close to the expense involved in moving, especially during today’s climate where many home owners remain in negative equity.¬†Visit here¬†painter decorator dublin

Hiring a professional painter and decorator is a preferred option for many home owners who wouldn’t normally have the time to do the work themselves. It means you can make the changes you want, easily and at an affordable price. And the decorators themselves are thriving with the additional demand, with some even having to turn down work. This really can’t be said for many trades who continue to suffer from the slow climate upturn, but it’s refreshing to know that not everyone is feeling the pinch. Decorating your home really can transform it, whether your just adding some colour to a room or having a complete home re vamp it can make staying put far more desirable. Although decorating does consist of some hassle in terms of the mess and disruption it can cause, it’s only a temporary price to pay for a fresh feeling makeover.