Know About Tarmac Driveways

If left unloved and uncared for, your tarmac driveway surfacing can very quickly begin to look tired, weathered and very old with the growth of annoying and persistent weeds, moss and algae and. The single most biggest problem is that weeds, moss and algae are notoriously difficult to eradicate and get rid of permanently, because once they’ve penetrated the upper surface they get caught up and tangled in even the smallest of nooks and crannies, and sometimes their removal, although appearing to be immediate; you can be left with secondary growth which can be even heavier than the original outbreak.

Asphalt and tarmac surfacing of any kind and in any application can suffer from weed, moss and algae damage both at surface level or from deep underneath in the sub-base. Asphalt and tarmac surfacing, especially tarmac driveways and tarmac walkways, normally suffer at the edge of the surfacing, particularly when in close proximity to lawns, flower beds, trees, large shrubs and at the edge of plant pots or other stationary objects. In fact just about anywhere in the garden.You can get additional information at  tarmac driveways.

Weeds, moss and algae tend to grow in soil or dirt accumulated on the surface of a driveway, path or patio, especially in damp corners, or can typically push their way through to the surface from deep underneath. If the weeds roots do not penetrate the asphalt or tarmac surfacing, the weeds, moss or algae should be carefully removed and discarded by hand, which can be a long laborious and tiresome process for even the most keen DIY enthusiast. However, if the roots have penetrated the asphalt or tarmac surface, or the weeds are coming up from underneath, a propriety water based total weed killer solution should be used, this can be obtained from most DIY stores or specialist surfacing companies.

Remember to check for harmful chemicals if you have a family pet. When the weeds have died off, its advisable to remove the foliage, and when the asphalt or tarmac surfacing is warm, you should re-consolidate the raised patch of asphalt or tarmac, if indeed it has been raised using foot pressure. Only remove roots if they can be extracted without disturbing the surfacing. Once you have followed the above process it is typically worth repeating again, even before you start to see any secondary growth as the roots of weeds cant be seen growing until they have penetrated the surface.