Fires and Floods

As crazy as it sounds, a fire and flood go together 99% of the time.  The cause of the fire may differ, but the end result is typically flooding caused by the fire department trying to put out the fire.  It’s an inevitable problem that anyone who’s experienced a burning house unfortunately faced at one time.

A fire can start so easily.  A gas leak, a stove left on, cooking, a heater, a curling iron…actually 6/10 calls I’ve been on were caused by women’s appliances.  As such, feel free to blame your wife/girlfriend!  Kidding.  Seriously though, the most minor items can cause a fire, so all we can do is pay extra attention to potential problems and try to minimize our chances of an occurrence.

Once a fire starts, it’s really hard to stop.  It’s almost like dominoes.  The sooner you call the fire department, the better off you’ll be.  However, when the large hoses are hooked up to the fire hydrant and the water starts to flow, you’ll have to accept the fact that your house is going to face some water damage.  A flood can be cleaned up, and the water damage can be fixed, but a house isn’t coming back from ashes.

The best thing to do in the case of a fire is to call the fire department first, so they can get the fire under control.  Immediately after hanging up with 911, dial a trusted water damage restoration company.  Having them on the seen sooner can help to mitigate some of the damage your home or building will experience.  Additionally, some companies will even help you file a claim, which is ideal for getting a quick response and a fair estimate.

Thank you to Newton Fire and Flood for sponsoring this post.  They are the trusted, fast response team in Boston, MA!