Cartoon Yourself: Personalised Books For Children Create Passionate Readers

Many children refuse to cast even a timid eye over the first sentences of a story book. The pages of their superman comics, on the other hand, are dog-eared and the buttons of their smart phones have shed their numbers. Stories about fairies, goblins and bunnies are seen as dull and too full of words. So many parents are trawling book shops in search of that one piece of fiction that will capture the hefty imaginations inside those little bodies.

Often imagination needs a little kick to wake it up. After it’s woken it becomes ravenous. It gobbles up storybooks wherever it finds them-at least that’s what parents hope will happen when they find that lost, magical mystery book. Personalised children’s stories are often the only nudge children need to make them hunger for more.

Morals and Children’s Books
Before 1700, children’s stories were written to teach lessons and made every attempt not to be entertaining. The children’s book was only born in the middle of the 1700s. It tossed morality aside and tried to amuse. But it had no competition, so life was easy for Snow Whites and Flopsy Bunnies.

Modern media has stolen the limelight this century and books have had to start working hard to gain the interest of television and video game-crazed kids. Children have begun to gain incredible skill in computer literacy and their language skills have suffered the consequences. Literacy is experiencing an all time low.

The Birth of Personalised Children’s Books
Here, a superhero comes to the rescue in the form of personalised children’s books. New developments in book printing have made it possible for commercial publishers to set a child’s photograph and name to a professionally illustrated and written book. Now the delight of customised fiction is available to every child and it’s putting books back on the priority lists of kids.

“If children miss the thrill of reading when they’re little, it becomes very difficult for them to recover. Studies show that children with strong reading and writing skills and a love of books are more likely to be successful in school and into their adult lives,” says the Children’s Literacy Foundation after several studies.¬†Feel free to find more information at cartoon yourself.

The Return of Morals
Today, morals have returned to children’s books, heavily cloaked in entertaining stories. In personalised book form, these morals are easier for children to relate to and integrate. They also make it far simpler for parents to discuss life lessons with their children in an accessible way. It’s these conversations that place a strong moral thumbprint on children’s value systems.

Unique Editions Leads the Pack
Unfortunately, the ease of printing has led to the publication of many poorly imagined, written and illustrated books that gather little interest from children. Unique Editions publishes top class personalised story books for a highly discerning audience: children. Kids demand a great tale and they’re unforgiving of naive illustrations. Only professional children’s authors and illustrators do for these fussy readers. Unique Editions knows that feebly imagined books will be ignored in favour of comics and movies. In partnership with It’s Your Story, this publisher has been introducing a passion for reading to children for five years.